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Found in Us

Book 2: The Lost Series

Jessica and Parker's Story

Jessica Haydn wants to leave her past behind. Hurt by one too many heartbreaks, she vows not to fall in love again. Especially not with a man like Parker, whose electrifying pull and smile bruised her ego once before. But his sexy British accent makes her crave his touch, and his blue eyes strip Jessica of all her defenses.

Parker Blakesley has no place for love in his life. He learned the hard way not to trust. He built his business empire by avoiding distractions, and using sheer determination and control. But something about Jessica makes him question everything. Not only has she a body made for sin, but her laughter fills a void inside of him.

The desire igniting between them spirals into an unstoppable passion, and so much more. Soon, neither can fight their growing emotional connection. But can two scarred souls learn to trust again? And when a mistake threatens to tear them apart, will their love be strong enough?

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“Parker is the sexy panty melting mix of naughty and nice”

– Sweet and Spicy Books

“Emotionally, the story has everything: anger, betrayal, humor, lust and passion. The sexual tension between Parker and Jessica is hot and the sex, even hotter.”

– Sinfully Sexy

“Prepare yourself for a lot of fun, sweet, romantic and very and I mean VERY HOT STEAMY moments between this two, while the walk on and unfamiliar road of redemption, love and honesty (with others but specially with themselves).”

– Planeta Flor Blog